Donut Birthday Party

    For my daughters first birthday we decided to have a donut theme party. It allowed us to use so many fun colors and who doesn’t love donuts!? In this post I’m going to share how we created both backdrops that anyone could replicate and are also very budget friendly!

    Donut Theme Party

    Layered Fringe Back Drop

    We were able to borrow a pipe and drop stand from our church in order to accomplish this fringe backdrop. If you think you would use this year after year for various backdrops then I think spending the money to own your own would be reasonable. They are a little pricey but work so well, linking one here.

    Once we put our metal piping up with threw over the first layer of plastic table cloths. I purchased these for $1 and got two table cloths of the same color and used one and a half table cloths in order to cover the length of the wall, depending on the length of your backdrop you may use more or less. After you have draped over your first layer then you’ll add the next underneath. This was done by tying a piece of poly (curling) ribbon from one side of the bar to the other.

    After you tie your ribbon you will toss over half the table cloth and let it hang evenly on the ribbon.

    You will continue to do this layer by layer until you have reached your desired length.

    Since the length was so long across we decided to go down the middle of the backdrop and make tiny slits in the top of each table cloth. This allowed us to run a ribbon through all the way to the top to ensure that there would be no drooping in the backdrop.

    When you’ve completed hanging the plastic table cloths you’ll carefully take scissors and make strips. The scissors should glide and make smooth tears.

    Since we were having a Donut Party I decided to hang the Donut ONE in front of the backdrop. I used this fishing line so all you would see is the ONE and not the strings.

    Donut Theme Party

    I wanted something extra to still be added so I decided to make a balloon garland on top of the back drop. I also made them over the entry way and doors. They’re extremely easy to do and add such a fun touch to a party. I would recommend ordering this 50ft Balloon Decorating Strip, it was only $7. I purchase my balloons here for $1 per pack and used a small hand pump to blow them up quicker.

    The next backdrop was created by using this large roll of plastic table cloth. The roll is great when covering a large area in height. we dapped this over our balcony that runs upstairs. I ordered these Sprinkle Stickers and stuck them all over the backdrop.

    After the sprinkles were added we hung these blow up donuts with fishing line.

    All of these looks are extremely affordable and create the funnest decorations for your party no matter what theme or colors you decided to use. I think the fringe backdrop would even be so fun for a Fiesta Party.

    If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I would be happy to help!