Valentines is such a fun holiday to celebrate with your littles! There are a tremendous amount of crafts, books, and activities to fill your first half of the month! Today I am sharing some neat ideas to make your February special and little more fun!

    Below are some great book options that you can transition out onto your self or book case for your kiddos.


    Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target, and Walmart have so many different packs for crafts, stickers, valentines mail boxes, and painting crafts. Below I am linking some options from Target that would be so fun to do.



    If you want to make or decorate valentines cookies without the mess of baking theses sugar cookies are at Target and they are SO GOOD. They’re thick and soft in the middle and come with the sprinkles and icing. Its easy, fun, and tastes so good. If you are looking for something to whip up and bake with your kids then this would be a great option!

    Last but not least I think specialty cookies are so fun but sometimes they can get pricey or maybe you forgot to place an order with the baker.

    No worries Target to the rescue like always, haha.

    I hope all of these ideas make your February special for you and your kids!

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